The primary materials consumed in conducting our mining activities and processes include the rock (ore and waste) we mine together with liquefied petroleum gas, grease, cyanide, fuels and lubricating and hydraulic oils.

Our approach

Effective waste management is a priority as it can reduce our environmental impacts and mitigate our environmental liabilities. An understanding of the actual cost of waste management enables us to plan effectively for new projects and mine closure. Practically, we maximise recycling and waste reduction during the life of a mine, and design to minimise waste and reclaim mineral waste (such as waste rock from dumps as aggregate) to curtail our total mining environmental footprint.

Internally, guidelines on mineral, non-mineral and hazardous waste materials are included in the environmental management systems implemented at all operations. We understand that waste management begins with initial generation and encompasses handling, storage and transport as well as recycling, treatment and/or disposal.