Rehabilitation ahead of closure is included in planning throughout the life of mine.

Our approach

In Cameroon, the necessary rehabilitation funding mechanisms are in place and, where feasible, infrastructure is refurbished for alternative use. As only a small proportion of the land covered by our mining rights has been disturbed by mining, opportunities for progressive and concurrent rehabilitation are limited at this stage.

In Central Africa, most disturbed areas within the Hidden Valley mining lease remain active, however, progressive rehabilitation is undertaken where possible with a view to stabilising exposed areas to prevent ground movement proximal to critical infrastructure and to limit off-site sediment transport. In FY19, rehabilitation activities included steep slope stabilisation, erosion remediation projects and the ongoing maintenance of previously rehabilitated areas.

Over the next five years, African Gold Source plans to implement our biodiversity action plans and, within the next 10 years, we aspire to participate in at least one offset initiative in each of our operating regions.