Our extractive processes are energy intensive with the cost of electricity contributing close to 15.8% of operating costs at our Cameroon operations. Consequently, our energy and climate change policy is underpinned by economic and ecological imperatives.

Our approach

Our focus is on managing energy efficiencies and reducing carbon intensities through the life cycle of our operations. We are also looking to diversify our energy mix, moving toward the increased use of renewable energy where appropriate. It is our aspiration to replace 30% of the carbon-based electricity consumed in Cameroon with renewable energy within the next three years. Refer to our CDP Climate Change report submitted in July 2019 for further disclosure.

AGS endeavours tirelessly to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change and diversify our energy mix by:

  • promoting energy efficiency at our deep-level mines in Cameroon
  • optimising and rebalancing our asset portfolio
  • promoting an alternative energy mix
  • aligning our rehabilitation programme with the green energy agenda