African Gold Source remains the best place to buy gold from Africa. Offering bulk Gold at very cheap prices with speedy delivery anywhere in the world.

Many struggle to buy gold but are met with little success because they fall prey to scams and fraudsters. This has made many refineries in the USA to shut their doors to African gold. Some have vowed never to have anything to do with African gold.

Gold business in Africa is on the decline because of fraud therefore if you are looking for a reliable vendor of gold, then contact us.

There are three things you should consider before attempting to buy gold and they include: Finding a reliable vendor, Price and Documentation.

Finding a Reliable Gold Vendor

Finding a reliable gold seller most especially in Africa is very difficult and in some countries almost impossible. We’ve had reports of staggering losses because the initial deal was not set up properly.

If you are looking for a reliable gold vendor then African Gold Source is your go to Company.

With over 10 years experience, working with 40 different local artisanal mining communities, we are the biggest producers of gold in Cameroon. We supply as much as 200kg per month and have helped many make millions in the gold trade.

There’s no better supplier of gold than the African Gold Source. Send inquiries today if you are looking to buy gold bars from Africa.


You go into any business to make profits therefore as a businessman buying gold from Africa should be a priority. Africa is a haven for gold with prices 10% below the global market value. This makes Africa the best place to buy gold.

At the forefront of this low gold prices in Cameroon is the African Gold Source, a local mining company considered the best in the business. We sell a Kilogram of Gold dore bars for as low as $28,000USD. This is the best you will find anywhere with regards to quality and purity.

Send inquiries to buy bulk gold cheap and have it delivered anywhere in the World.


Gold is a precious metal and hence buying it requires certain documents. The process can be very complicated and has led many lose staggering amounts of money.

We all know of the popular CEMAC Buyer’s Permit scam. It is a real permit but you get scammed because the vendor was fake. The most important thing in the gold business is finding a reliable vendor.

If you choose to buy from African Gold Source, then we will help you with all the legal documents required. It can be very difficult if you do not know the right office luckily for you, we have about 5 staffs just for that.

Send inquiries today and buy gold dore bars from Africa.