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Number One Supplier of Gold. African Gold Source is one of the fastest growing companies in the Precious Metals world and prides itself on always offering some of the lowest and most competitive prices on all our bullion products.

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African Gold Source is one of the fastest growing companies in the Precious Metals world.

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We buy a variety of products including precious metals that range from the ever-popular gold and silver to platinum.

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We have many satisfied clients from Hong Kong, USA, Germany, UAE, Brazil and other areas.

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Recent Projects. ''As custodians of mineral assets, mining companies can help harness their potential for the benefit of nations and host communities. With good governance and responsible mining practices, mineral resources can be a major driver of development''.


Benefitting local communities

Bribery and corruption
Bribery and corruption

Against bribery and corruption


Committed to transparency.

Malaria + Mining
Malaria + Mining

Addressing a global health issue


What clients are saying

Olivia Kevinson

Had a fantastic and painless experience! I would recommend this service to anyone.

Thanks Jean.

Olivia Kevinson Customer
Mitchell Harris

The best prices by far! The gold guy gave me a great price, a lot more than I expected. The staff is very knowledgeable. I DEFINITELY recommend them.

Mitchell Harris Customer
Julia Cloe

I contacted AGS the first time I guess in July and I was so surprised ,the quote that they gave me was more than what I expected.
Will definitely come back.

Julia Cloe Customer